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We lift ourselves by lifting others

Have you ever been in situation, where you've really wanted to help someone in their time of need? I often find myself in situations where people open up to me about a personal issue they are battling. However, sometimes the conversation goes so deep that it becomes too intense for me.

It's as if the problem becomes mine to feel and to solve. I get so attached to it that I can't stop thinking about it. By this point, I find myself feeling sad and emotionally involved, so I take a step back. Only because, it is the only way I can protect myself from becoming an emotional wreck.

I have done a lot of soul-searching to reconcile the mountain of my anxieties, so I cannot emotionally afford to go back down that road again. That doesn't mean that I'm helpless or thoughtless, I will still help someone, within the boundaries that I am able to cope. When I logically think about this, I realise that I must sustain my emotional stability in order to help anyone else; this has to…
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